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Important Update From Ciccarelli Advisory Services

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As you are aware, we’ve seen significant changes to the stock market, the economy, and generally our everyday lives, in a very short period. Whether in Rochester, Naples, or other cities; restaurants, bars, beaches, and social venues have closed to limit the impact of the Coronavirus. Workplaces are reconfiguring staff to allow for remote access and reduced exposure. 

At present we are moving toward minimum staffing mandates as the situation surrounding the virus escalates. It is our intention, and in keeping with being responsible citizens, to plan for a skeleton crew in both our offices daily. This will begin the week of March 23rd. We think it is important to take this step to both conform to the increasing concerns, and importantly, to manage your needs.

Our company is an essential business as defined by the government, and we will continue to take care of client needs. With the speed at which things are changing, we have put a contingency plan in place to minimize staffing within the offices. Going forward, if we are required to do so, we are prepared to work off-site. We are able to receive your phone calls, place trades, and address any distribution or servicing need that you may have. In effect, we will be able to do everything we do every day in our offices, at our assigned offsite workplace.

We believe that America will rebound from this.  Given the recent response of eliminating opportunities for gathering, coupled with testing, we believe a recovery similar to what is being seen in China and South Korea is possible. 

During this time we are spending 100% of our effort servicing the needs of our existing clients. As you know, servicing our clients has always been a priority, and at times like this, our number one concern is taking care of you.  While we typically welcome referrals, we’d prefer that you defer referring new clients to us at this time. This allows us to stay in touch with you, and follow what’s going on with the markets. We expect to have the capacity to work with new relationships in another month or two. We will let you know when we resume welcoming new referrals, as this is the lifeline of our business. Please know that our number one concern at this time is you, and all our clients.

We believe it has always been to our advantage to plan in advance, and we wanted to take this opportunity to share our plan with you. 

You are in our thoughts.  For now, please be safe and we will be in touch.


Kim Ciccarelli Kantor, CFP® CAP® | President

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