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#1 – Rookery Bay



Eight of our CAS family team members volunteered their time and labor at the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve on August 17!


Our team was tasked with combatting an invasive plant species (the air potato vine) that has proliferated throughout the coastal environments of Southwest Florida.


With the potential to grow at a rate of 4-6 inches per day, the expansive vines of the air potato deprive native plants of much-needed sunlight and water resources – threatening the health and biodiversity of the entire ecosystem.


Toiling under the scorching summer sun is no stroll in the park, but our sweat and hard work paid off. We are proud to have done our part to keep Florida beautiful!



#2 – Collier Child Care Resources



Four members of our family team volunteered their time and creative talent to benefit Collier Child Care Resources on September 7!


Our team assisted with constructing and decorating “pool noodle horses” at Child’s Path, a nonprofit organization that fosters a community of educational development and opportunity for underprivileged children and families in Collier County.


We are grateful for the opportunity to serve an organization that is committed to preparing future generations for a lifetime of success. The beaming faces of joyful children is the most rewarding sight of all!


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