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A Tour of Italy!

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Kim, Ray, Susie and Jan Kantor recently returned from their tour of Italy. They traversed several areas throughout “The Boot”, including Sperlonga, Pompeii, Rome and several destinations in Tuscany (see the map below).


Check out the following slideshows for some incredible photos showcasing Italian art, architecture and the Ciccarelli family!


Black – Sperlonga; Purple – Pompeii; Blue – Rome; Maroon – Terrasole Winery;

Orange – Assisi & Solomeo




Photos from Sperlonga

The ancestral homeland of the Ciccarelli family.






Photos from Sperlonga #2 – Wedding

Congratulations to newlyweds Rachel and Cory!

(Rachel is the niece of Kim, Ray, Paul and Jill; she is Gaynell’s daughter.)






Photos from Pompeii & Rome

Two ancient Italian cities, rich with history and stunning architecture.







Photos from Terrasole Winery & Brunello Cucinelli Factory

Fine wine and fashion…the pinnacle of Italian culture!



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