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CAS Profiles – Carrie Reeves-Hillyard (New York)

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carrie3Carrie joined our CAS family in November 2006 as the Records Manager at our Rochester office.


She maintains our client records, preparing files for upcoming appointments and inputting trades; assists Geral, our COO, as needed; and processes supply orders.


“I’m very proud to tell people that I work for CAS,” Carrie said. “I enjoy being part of an organization that puts so much emphasis on the importance of family and planning for generations to come.”


Carrie was born and raised in the Rochester area, where she currently lives with her husband Audie and her step-son Jesse.


Outside of the office, Carrie enjoys cooking, watching movies, listening to music, and taking road trips with her family. She always looks forward to her family’s annual fishing trip in Canada.


“The cabin is in a remote location without access to electronics,” said Carrie. “We love to fish, read, play cards, and take in the beautiful scenery!”






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