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CAS Profiles – Neri Ciccarelli (Florida)

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Neri joined the CAS team in September 1996 as a Client Services Associate for Paul Ciccarelli. In addition to providing top-notch service to Paul’s clients, she is in charge of representative licensing.

She also makes certain that our staff is well-nourished. Neri can often be found ordering lunch for the members of our CAS family.

“Our staff members are like part of our family and teach us all new lessons every day,” Neri said.

Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Neri grew up in New York City and currently lives in Naples. Prior to joining CAS, she worked as a paralegal and continues to have a passion for law.

Neri has been married to Paul Ciccarelli for 16 years. She has two stepsons: Noah, who is a sous chef at Sea Salt Restaurant; and Jonah, who is an assistant client representative at Cloud9 Float and Spa.

Neri is involved in our Naples community, serving as secretary of the Greater Naples YMCA Endowment Board. She enjoys spending time with her friends, family and in-laws; experimenting with new ideas in the kitchen; experiencing the wide variety of restaurants in our Naples area; and listening to jazz.

Neri added that she “loves to live life simple and making everyone feel good.”


Neri Ciccarelli is not registered with FSC Securities Corporation or Ciccarelli Advisory Services, Inc.
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